Lumi Rose - Rose Gold (Custom Blend)

Lumi Rose - Rose Gold (Custom Blend)

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Lumis are shimmery paints with a very low viscosity (very liquid). They have been developed to be semi-translucent and to work on rice papers, wood, pattern paper and chipboard. Traditionally these get saturated by slow drying, high viscosity paints and get warped. Lumis solve that problem.

Lumis are also great as highlight for any pattern, they turn into an enamel when applied generously. Fast drying, dry glossy. 

Welcome to the shimmery world of Lumi!

  • Custom blends have 20% more pigment and mica
  • Semi-sheer coverage
  • 25ml each
  • Very shimmery
  • Gloss finish
  • Very liquid
  • Fast drying