Damaged: Sleeping Dragon Cast

Damaged: Sleeping Dragon Cast

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This listing is for a DAMAGED cast. The main area of damage is the back wing. Please understand that you are buying a damaged cast and therefore we will. not accept returns on the basis of it being damaged. 

The dragons are difficult to cast and we discard as damaged approximately one in every four. The casts still look good and can be used in variety of mixed media.

This sleeping dragon cast is a beautiful, 3D cast measuring 10cm at base and is approx. 6cm tall at the highest point. This is cast in white resin. 

Please note: this is an intricate mould and the front wing does not cast very well. Please examine the image as this is what you will be receiving. 

The back wing has a slight swell in the middle, again this is as per mould and it does not mean that the wing has been glued together. 

These dragons are made to order, please allow us 5-7 working days to make it for you.