The Industrialist (Kit Option Available)

The Industrialist (Kit Option Available)

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  • 4 x Kit Only

Creative Craft Academy presents "The Industrialist" a mixed media workshop by Anna Hersom. 

Details of the workshop are as follows:

Dates: Access to the videos will be granted on Sunday, 11th February at 4pm. Kits are shipping on 18th February.


When: Available on 11th February via the Member Area:

Products: Kit options contain:

  • MDF Board
  • SnipArt Pipes
  • SnipArt Lighbulbs
  • SnipArt single cogs
  • SnipArt XXL cogs
  • SnipArt bolts MDF
  • SnipArt Clock background
  • SnipArt clock and gears
  • SnipArt cog clusters
  • SnipArt Metal Pathway stencil
  • SnipArt Fused Metal Stencil
  • Silver paint by 13Arts
  • Resin bulb (1)
  • Real mini bulbs (5)
  • Set of brass cogs
  • 13Arts mini gel medium
  • Paints for antiquing effects

Project: Altered board, industrial theme

Workshop focus: Mixed media techniques, layering and colouring.


  • SnipArt layering
  • Stencil layering
  • Antiquing with paints
  • Antiquing with paste

Tutor: Anna Hersom

What's included: Step-by-step online workshop

Benefits: learning  a number of techniques at your own pace